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The Latest News and Photos

The Latest News and Images    
NEWEST POSTING: Information on Carver, Nantucket, and Wellfleet Fire Station plans

Carver Fire Station Study
Carver Fire Station Plans
Carver Fire Station

Information on Nantucket's new Public
Safety building plans
Nantucket Public Safety Building
Nantucket Plans

Wellfleet voters approved the new Fire Station
on Dec 3, 2007.

Wellfleet Fire Station Plans


520 Buck Island Road, West Yarmouth
Expected to be occupied before the end of the year.
Oct 9, 2007


New Otis Fire Headquarters opened August 22, 2007


New Dennis Police Headquarters
being built next to the present station off Route 134.
May 31, 2007




Things to Look Forward To
Newest Posting:  Duxbury HQ plans 2/25/07


CH-2 Chatham There is some talk of doing something with a new station is west (South) Chatham.  The station that is there is presently not large enough to staff or hold additional apparatus. No specifics at this time. Jun 06
DX-1 Duxbury There are reports that Duxbury is in the early planning stages for a new headquarters fire station at the present headquarters site. Feb 07
HY-1 Hyannis Hyannis fire department is looking at their options. The present fire headquarters is busting at the seams with apparatus and staffing.  The lot it is located on is currently limited in size and the department is looking at its options which include renovations, additions, and the possibility of an additional station.  Jun 06
MA-2 Mashpee Mashpee has approved construction of a new Station 2 in the New Seabury area of town.  The new station will be built on Red Brook Road just west of Great Neck Road.  Original posting July 2004. Jun 06


Mattapoisett Mattapoisett Fire Dept has been planning a new headquarters fire station.  The new station would be located next to the Police Station. Plans are to seek funding in spring 2007.  Posted Feb 207 Feb 07


HQ Nantucket There are plans to build a new public safety / police / fire complex on Nantucket to replace the two outgrown facilities.  Funding was approved in spring 2004.  The present fire station is not adequate to house all of the apparatus inside, or house additional staffing. July 04
HQ Oak Bluffs Rumor has it, there are plans to construct an addition on the Oak Bluffs fire station. June 04
OS-2 Osterville COMM FD is looking at a major renovation or construction of a new fire station in Osterville to replace the original building.  No specific plans yet but plans are for funding in FY-08. Jun 06
HQ Tisbury There are plans to build a new public safety fire /ems complex in Vineyard Haven.  The current station is not adequate for new apparatus.  The ambulance is currently housed in the police station. The exact location of a new public safety facility is yet to be determined but the town owns some land near the DPW off State Road. June 04
WE-1 Wellfleet Wellfleet has approved construction of a new Fire Headquarters next door to the present fire / police headquarters. The present police/fire station built in 1982 has become too small for the two departments.  The station was not built for 24 hour staffing and crews are currently living in a trailer next to the building. Jun 06


Construction, Renovations, Changes Under Way
Newest Posting:


WY-3 Yarmouth Sta.3 Construction continues on the new West Yarmouth Station.  Foundations have been poured. Ground breaking ceremonies were held in Aug 2006 on the new West Yarmouth Fire Station 3.  The new structure will be located at the corner of Buck Island Road and Town Brook Road.  Construction expected to take about 1 year.  Updated Aug 2007 Aug 06


Newest Fire Stations
The Newest Fire Stations to Open

Newest Posting:  Otis Headquarters opens August 22, 2007


                     The new Otis Headquarters opened August 22, 2007

OT-1 Otis Headquarters The new $13.7 million Fire Headquarters / ARFF Station opened August 22, 2007 at 3132 Richardson Road on the west side of the flightline.  The new 40,000 sq ft facility combines two of Otis's stations into one. The station features 8 double deep drive through bays, spacious living areas, a large, modern communications center for Otis fire alarm as well as the new home to the Barnstable County Sheriff's Department communications center, and a 3 bay drive through wing for army firefighter training. Construction began in May of 2005. The communications center opened 07/11/07, and the fire dept moved in August 22nd. The station houses 3 engines, 3 ARFF crash trucks, a tanker, 2 brush breakers, a rescue truck, and numerous support units. Aug 07
Manuel Correlus Forest The DRC recently built a 3 bay building at the state forest on the island.  This building houses the island patrol truck and will have room for a tanker. Mar 15, 2007 Mar 07
Nantucket Land Bank Nantucket Nantucket Land Bank protects a large number of acres of wildland on the island. There is a building there that houses 4 forestry type vehicles used during controlled burns, etc.  More to come. Posted Mar 15, 2007 Mar 07
ED-2 Edgartown Sta.2


Edgartown has occupied the new Chappaquidick Island Fire Station #2.  The wooden, 3 bay station is located on Chappaquidick Road, near Sampson Road, in the center of the island. The new station replaced a 1 bay station built in the early 1980s.  There were some delays in opening the station.  Updated Dec 2006 Dec 06
MN-1  Marion Marion FD did some renovations to their headquarters to make room for their new ladder truck. The ceiling was raised and a larger door installed.  Summer 2006. Jun 06
ED-1 Edgartown Sta.1 Edgartown FD completed an addition to their headquarters on Pease Point Way. This provided additional living area, a meeting room, and EMS space. June 2006 Jun 06
TS-2 Tisbury Tisbury FD has occupied a two bay steel structure at the DPW garage at 115 Highpoint Lane to house the new Tower 651 and also one of the Tisbury ambulances.  Plans are still being made to construct a new Tisbury Fire or public safety building.  Once a new station is opened the DPW will utilize the two bay station. Jun 06
PT-MA Provincetown Airport Provincetown Airport now has a facility to house the Provincetown FD Hummer ARFF vehicle 198.  Occupied Mar 25, 2006. Mar 06
SG-3 Bourne Station 3
The new Bourne Station 3 in Sagamore  has been completed and was occupied on March 11, 2006. It is located at 53 Meeting House Lane near Old Plymouth Road. The station replaces the old Sagamore station on the Rotary circle built around 1946. The fire station had to be relocated as part of the Sagamore Bridge 'Flyover' project which removes the rotary circle.  Funding for the new $5 million, 24,000 sq ft, 3 story brick structure was paid for 20% by the State and 80% by the feds at no cost to the town of Bourne. The station has 3 full double deep apparatus bays with a couple side doors and has spacious living space.  Construction began early in 2005. Mar 06
Sta.1 Wareham Wareham Headquarters will now be called Station 1.
Wareham Station 1 (East Wareham) will now be Sta. 4
Sept 04
MI-1 Middleborough HQ Station 1 New 4 bay drive-thru brick fire station opened.  Replaced 1926 brick fire station on same site. Feb 04
SY-1 South Yarmouth HQ Station 1 New 1 bay wooden addition to house new Ladder Tower. Fall 03
MM-3 Marstons Mills COMM Station 3 New 3 bay drive-thru brick & wood FireStation.  Replaced 1975 metal station in same site. Aug 03
NAA-2 Nantucket Airport Sta.2 New steel combination ARFF/Maintenance building on east side of airport. 2002
MI-3 Middleborough North Station 3 New 3 bay brick & wood station opened.  New third station in north end. Served as HQ during reconstruction of central station. Sept 02
FA-1 Falmouth HQ Station 1 New 3 bay brick addition and full renovations of the 1929 Falmouth Headquarters station. 2002
AQ-1 Aquinnah Fire Station New wooden bay added to fire station to house rescue truck. Apr 02
PL-3 Pine Hills, Plymouth Sta. 3 New 3 bay brick fire station built in Pine Hills development, off Exit 3 Route 3.  New station for area. Sept 02
WE-2 South Wellfleet, Station 2 The South Wellfleet station has been closed due to staffing problems.  The engine that was housed there was retired when the new quint ladder arrived. Oct 02
MA-1 Mashpee HQ New bays and complete rebuilding of fire station. 2001
BA-1 Barnstable HQ Major renovations to fire headquarters. 2001
EA-1 Eastham HQ New 4 bay brick fire headquarters built on site of old headquarters. 2001
PT-5 Provincetown Station 5 Renovations of one of the oldest active fire stations on Cape.  Raised up to house new engine. 2001
WA-EMS Wareham EMS Moved into new renovated facility. Apr 01
RO-3 Rochester Sta. 3 Bays at new metal DPW barn used to house fire apparatus.  2 new bays for FireStation 3.  Mar 2005 2001/05
WT-2 West Tisbury Station 2 New 3 bay brick and wood station built to replace much smaller and older station on north side of town. 2000

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